Artist Statement

The outdoors has had a great impact on my life, but my travels have shaped who I am as an artist. During school, I have been fortunate to travel to Peru, China, Mexico, Guatemala, and Australia. These experiences have allowed me to work in different environments with different people, and have provided me with a new outlook on life and art. While in Mexico, I used natural materials, building with what was around me, creating ephemeral pieces. Today, these exist only in photographs. In Australia I studied glassblowing, a skill that has turned into one of my greatest passions. Currently living in the Lake Tahoe area of California, I have been fortunate enough to work with a public artist from the area, Troy Corliss. By assisting him on two different public works, I have picked up the skills of welding and forging. Since then, I continue to work with glass and natural materials as well as photography, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking and drawing.

My work shifts between mediums and styles, depending upon my surroundings and ideas. Abstractions centered on organic forms and materials are the basis of my work.  Depending upon my concept, I might use wood, clay, glass or found and/or recycled materials. I prefer to use my surroundings as an alternative means of presenting my art, and have installed pieces in the natural world as a result.  Process also plays a large part in how I make art. I get an idea for form or material based on what I see in my surroundings, working with it until I consider it to be finished.  I do not put a large emphasis on context and meaning during the act of creating. Art does not have to have a concrete meaning to be understood. My art does not come from a textbook or the internet, it comes from my mind as well as my surroundings. I hope to convey a feeling through my not necessarily a concept.


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